Combining Healthy Living in a Luxerious Home with Care for the Environment and the Joy of Nature

  • This house will showcase the best in intelligent design, and high-quality construction utilizing green home products which exceed NZ building standards.
  • Designed and built to the latest building standards for earthquakes as well as standards for noise reduction and airflow ventilation.

  • High-Performance Double or Triple Glazed Windows with Low E glass and German Hardware
  • High-performance wall insulation 3.8
  • Certified HomeStar rated House (

  • Premium German brand Bosch appliances

Upgrade Options:

  • Passive Home
  • Carbon-negative building
  • Automated Off-grid Living

Given the cost of energy, uncertainty in supply and quality and the dramatically worsening impact on the environment, eco-green homes odd to be the standard of all buildings in New Zealand.

The reality is, that it is not, indeed it is  actually still quite rare, especially when ignoring all those who like to associated themselves with a trendy term.

The  Good News:

There  are the by international standard high quality and in accordance with theses standard  certified  design, construction and material available in New Zealand. 

The Home will be constructed in accordance with these standards -or higher, if you wish-  from a company that lived eco-green homes since 2010.

Eco Green Home Ltd.